If you want to Level Up... finally start banking $10,000 to $15,000 speaking fees... and reach the people you want to help!

Learn how to regularly score these speaking opportunities during our 3-Day Next Level Speaker Event. If you want to get your message out to thousands more people... take the first step below.


Dear Speaker who wants to earn WAY more and reach more,

Years ago, I was a trainer for a $2 billion pharmaceutical corporation.

I had loads of experience speaking on the stage. I knew my subject frontways, backways, and sideways. I had a killer message. 

I knew I was ready for the big $15,000+ stages. 

But I couldn’t get those gigs. No matter what I tried. And man... did I try!

So, I spent a lot of time giving talks in church basements, Rotary lunches and chambers of commerce dinners for $200, $500, and $1,000 now and then. 

But the big gigs didn't come. Heck...I almost gave up and went back to my 9 to 5 corporate job. 

Until I discovered a secret. 

I figured out that there were TWO SMALL HINGES THAT SWING OPEN BIG DOORS when it comes to booking $15,0000 speaking engagements.

And when I put this discovery into action, I doubled my speaking income almost faster than I thought possible. 

And you will leave my event with exactly what I did… but even better!


So, what did I do to jump from $1,000 speaking gigs to $15,000 speaking engagements? 

One More Quick Story To Illustrate The Power of What We’re Going To Deliver At This Event

A few years ago, I was talking to a speaker who I had shared the stage with at an event. She was an attorney with a PhD in psychology.

We were chit-chatting after the event and she told me “Last year I was charging $1,500 per speech, but this year I’m charging $15,000 per talk.” 

I asked her what had changed.  

She said, “Well, I started to ask myself:

She continued, “And then I made mine look like that.” 


She chuckled under her breath when she said, “I’m giving the exact same presentation I was giving last year, but getting paid 10 times more to give it!” 

She said she wasn’t doing as many talks as she did last year, but heck...if you're making TEN TIMES MORE PER don't have to!  Right?

How would you like to work half as much in 2022 and still make FIVE TIMES more income than you did in 2021?

That’s what’s possible when you LEVEL UP your marketing. 

And hey… you can do all sorts of “good” things to try to get more attention. You can write books… put out great content… grow your network, etc. BUT without the critical pieces you’ll get from this event… you won’t have the KEYS to scoring the BIG stages!  

This universal principle states that 80% of your results will come from just 20% of your inputs. 

And books, emails, social media, and content generation are the 80% of work that will get you just 20% of your results. 

So, what falls into the all-powerful 20% that gets you 80% of your results? 

Well, the story above should give you a really big hint... it’s your marketing.

The Two Marketing “Rings” to Rule Them All

Specifically, 2 marketing pieces are the lynch pins of your entire marketing efforts.

They are the foundation for the rest of your marketing.

And without them, you’ll never get past the first round and into real consideration for the big, $15,000 and up speaking gigs. 

What are these uber-essential pieces?

1) Hero Shot Photos
2) Your Speaker One Sheet

Why are these two so important and why do so many speakers get them wrong… and get stuck making $200 to $2,500 per talk for YEARS? 

Well, here’s another story to prove how powerful and essential these pieces are.

A few years ago I was in the running for a big-fee speaking gig at a Fortune 100 insurance company. The selection committee had narrowed it down to me and two other speakers. 

Both of the other speakers were New York Times bestselling authors.

I thought, “Why are they considering lil ol’ me when they could book these heavy hitters?” 

But when they called me in front of the committee, I looked across the table and saw their marketing materials. 

The big shot authors were relying on their author status. They had boring headshot photos, probably taken from their book jackets. They had photos of their books. They had short bios about how smart they were and how many books they’d sold. They had quotes from people saying what a great writer they are. 

But nothing about speaking.

My marketing material, in contrast, had a professional, dynamic “hero shot” of me speaking on a big stage. 

My Speaker One Sheet was about my talk. It had quotes about how entertaining and compelling I was as a speaker. 

Based on the marketing material alone, if they wanted to hire the lowest-risk, highest-reward speaker, then they should have hired me. 

And I’m wildly blessed to say… they hired me. (And that’s happened time and time again!)

Let’s talk about that “lowest-risk” thing for a minute. Event planners are ALL about mitigating their risk. Their goal: “Eliminate anyone who might possibly make me look bad.” 

Does Your Marketing Make You Easily Delete-able? 

When event coordinators need to hire a speaker, the “first step” they take is similar to the first step you take when you open your email every morning. What do you do first? You put a check by every message that is safe to delete… and you delete them. Then you move on the “important” stuff, right?  

Event planners do something very similar. They eliminate anyone who does not LOOK like they can command a big stage and entertain their people. They delete anyone that does not look exciting on stage, compelling on stage. They delete anyone who does not have a photo of themselves on a big stage. 

Those speakers are too risky. Those speakers are delete-able. 

The planners delete swiftly and with extreme prejudice! 

They make these decisions in 3-5 seconds.

And if you don’t have a professional, clear, flattering photo of you “in action” on an impressive stage… you get deleted.

And if you get deleted at that FIRST STEP, it doesn’t matter if you have a book… 

       - it doesn’t matter what your bio says… 

       - it doesn’t matter how many social media followers you have…

If you get called out at first base,

you don’t get to try for second! You’re just out.

That’s why the marketing pieces we will execute at my 3-Day Level Up Event are waaaaaay more important than any other marketing piece you can have... because nothing else matters at THIS LEVEL if you do not have them. 

So, your “on stage” action photo is the single most important marketing piece you can have. 

And it’s nearly impossible to get a great one. 

First, maybe you’ve never spoken on a big impressive stage where you can get photos like this… we’ll take care of that. 

Second, maybe you don’t know or have access to a world-class professional photographer… we’ll take care of that.

Third, maybe you have photos of you “in action” but the photographer was too far away...or you have a goofy look on your face...or it’s blurry...or it was 15 years ago and your outfit is out of style…or...or...or… we’ll take care of all that. 

Fourth, maybe you don’t have access to a stage where you can take your own hero photos… we’ll take care of that.

Fifth, if you do have access to a stage, maybe you don’t know how to set it up to get the very best shot…. we’ll take care of that.

We’re going to take care of everything. 

You’ll go home from the event with your most important marketing piece NAILED. 


Our Level Up Linchpin Guarantee

If you are passionate about your message...and if you do the pre-event “homework,” … and if you attend all the event sessions… and don’t believe you have the marketing “linchpins” you need to create powerful professional pieces you can be proud of... we will give you your money back.*

*We have a two-part guarantee:   

(1) If you cancel up to 1 week prior to the event you will get a full-refund, less a $1,000 non-refundable deposit.  Cancellations between 6-0 days before the event will not be eligible for a refund.

(2) If you attend every pre-session and live session, do the required homework, and let a team member know before 5 PM CST on Monday, October 12th that you don't believe it was worth your investment, we will give you a full refund.  You read that right.  That's how sure we are that this event will give you all the tools you need!

"But does it work?"

You might be asking, “But does it work?”  And that would be a fair question. 

In short- YES! 

Here’s a story from Travis Crutcher who attended Next Level Speaker last year and is coming back to help me facilitate it this year:

“I’ll be straight up with you. When Mitch told me about the first Next Level Speaker I thought it was a fantastic idea. My wife and I even discussed it the day he started promoting it. But even during our conversation I told myself that it wasn’t something I needed to invest in.

I mean I was already friends with Mitch, I was speaking locally,  and I knew I could get my one sheet together on my own….eventually.

Eventually! Dangit, there it was! That word, “eventually.” 

“EVENTUALLY” had become my watchword. 

See, my coaching business was doing well and even though I knew I NEEDED to square away my speaker one sheet and get some quality photos… I was too busy to make it happen. 

Trust me, I know being busy is a good problem to have in business but it was causing me to have to put BIG things like this on the back burner… and wait for “eventually.”

So, I decided to go for it.  In fact, 5 minutes after registration for the event went live… I was in!

Not only that but I committed to bringing my “WAY BETTER HALF” with me! 

That’s right!  

Since my wife Jess was already the co-host on my podcast and had started moving into her own speaking business as well, I thought “Why not get her set up for even more success too?”

So we were set! 

We were going to attend, get some great photos, crank out our one sheets, and call it a productive weekend. That’s what we were expecting anyway. What we actually experienced was WILDLY different, validating, and so much more than we expected!

First of all, the vibe! I can’t really explain it. Imagine being in a room with like-minded people who are equally… if not more excited… about your success as you are. 

Then cover that with a healthy dose of powerful marketing tools, branding insights, speaker building know-how, hyper encouragement and actionable takeaways. 

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you peoples lives were forever changed simply by the vibe of the event!

For Jess and I… that was more true than we could have anticipated. In fact, it was the first time many of the participants had seen us interact together in person. It was so confirming that we were on the right track and building the right business!  The feedback and encouragement we received was freaking mind blowing. 

Then… there were our photos. I’m not sure what the alignment of the stars was that day but I can tell you magic got captured!  As a result our podcast audience was able to see us in a whole new way too.  Which was AWESOME. 

BUT what was even cooler was that we saw it too! 

We left the Next Level Speaker event crazy emboldened and ready to really take things to the next level! That’s exactly what we did too! 

Within a month our podcast had moved from the top 5% to top 1% in the world. We both started speaking more and getting paid more to do it!

PLUS we had a renewed vision for the future!

Needless to say when Mitch floated the idea of coming back to help co-facilitate another round of Next Level Speaker… I freaking jumped at the chance! 

Seriously I CAN NOT wait to see the incredible transformations that take place. 

The profound ah-ha moments, and the genuine connections that are going to be made at this event!

So if you’re ready to freaking move BOLDLY into the next chapter of your speaking then this is THE PLACE for you!"

- Travis Crutcher - Speaker, Coach & Creator of the “Above Average Podcast"

Here's How We're Going To Get It Done...

I’ve reserved the magnificent… historical... Hoyt Sherman stage for our “Big Stage” shoot!

People like Maya Angelou, NPR’s Ira Glass, Dave Chapelle and most of our most-recent Presidents have graced this stage and now it’s YOUR turn!

Plus, we’re going to be working with the Award-Winning Photographer, Whitney Warren. 

Take a look at these photos by Whitney in this amazing space at last year’s Next Level Speaker! 

This place will make you look like the professional… big impact... six-figure speaker you are! 

Oh… and you’ll not only get THE shot you need… you’ll get a bunch of them! 

You can use them for your “One Sheet” AND for your website, your promo and your social media too!

We’ve also got a smaller stage for you too. So you’ll be able to have solid pics of you conducting a workshop… so you can book workshops and breakout sessions too!

Plus, we’re going to have workshops and “hot seats” our 3 days to get you the exact copy you need to be able to relay who you are as a speaker and why you’re the best choice! 


We’ll not only get you powerful and proven strategies for creating compelling copy… but we’ll get you one-on-one time so you have everything you need for your dynamic and compelling One Sheet.  


And, last but not least… our designer will take your copy and create a done-for-you One Sheet you can use to promote your speaking and nail those stages you want to be on. (You can also use that compelling copy for your website and social media as well!)

So you’ll not only go home with a full set of amazing hero shots from two incredible locations taken by an award-winning photographer who’s going to make you look fantastic! 

You’ll also have the copy you need and an AMAZING One Sheet done and ready to go!

Let’s Get Your Marketing Sorted 

So You Look Like the $15,000 Speaker 

You Know You Can Be...

If you’ve been hesitant to apply for high-paying speaking gigs, because you were afraid your marketing wasn’t up to par… those days will be over. 

If you’re been embarrassed to show event planners your marketing, because there were no good shots of you actually speaking… that problem will be solved.

If you know you’ve got what it takes as a speaker but just need to get past that all-important “First Step”... you’ll have exactly what you need. 

If you’ve applied to high-paying speaking gigs and been told “thanks but no thanks” and wondered why… you’ll know for sure that it WAS NOT your marketing material that got you “deleted.” 

If you want to level up your speaking career from hobby to profession…. you’ll have what you need to look professional.

If you want to stand a little taller and feel more confident about how you present yourself to planners and coordinators...this will get you there!

If you want to earn ten times as much for the same number of hours worked...this is your best First Step.

But that’s not all you get in our 3-Day Level Up Speaker Event!

Then the KEY Questions 

Event Planners are Asking: 

One Event Planner told me, “If you've got a sizzle reel, that's great, but my CEO is not going to click on a sizzle reel. My committee is not going to do a Google Search. They are not going to read a book. Get it all on the One Sheet and then we’ll talk!” 

That’s why the One Sheet is so important. And after this Next Level Speaker event… you’re going to walk away with a killer One Sheet with AMAZING photos and POWERFUL copy! So you can score the stages and those speaker fees you want and deserve!

Well, you could rent a theater. You could hire a professional photographer. You could hire me to consult on your one sheet copy. You could hire a professional designer to lay out your one sheet.

You could invest in the Profitable Speaker Playbook separately. 

How much would all that cost you? 

Well….. somewhere around $7,500 to $10K to do it right. 

So, what if you could pay HALF of that to attend this 3-day event and have ALL of THIS done for YOU???  

Great question. Right?

It’s a no-brainer!

Here are a few more reasons… that make THIS event a TOTAL no-brainer for anyone wanting to build their Speaking business in the RIGHT WAY:

  • Time: You’ll actually get it all done in one weekend. How long will it take you to do all that by yourself? Two months… if you really get cracking now? That's the minimum. For most people it would probably take more like 6 months to a year… if they get it done at all!

  • Value: You’ll be able to work with and speak with me directly. I charge $750 per hour for consultations and I’ll be with you for 3 full days. 

  • Networking: You’ll be able to network with other motivated speakers and coaches. An expensive event like this attracts the most highly-motivated, determined speakers. These are the people you want to surround yourself with. 

  • Confidence: You’ll have the confidence of knowing your marketing is done right. You’ll know your marketing is good enough for the $15,000 speaking gigs you want. If you don’t believe it, just ask us for a refund*. 

  • Growth: You’ll know that your marketing is better than 95% percent of speakers. You’ll be head and shoulders ahead of most of your competition. 

And if this helps you land just ONE $15,000 gig, you’ve more than covered your event investment. 

From ONE gig! 

And when you consider that what you get will flow into ALL of your marketing... and help launch you into the “Speaker Jet Stream?”

The ROI is ridiculously good!

I believe you’ll see a 10X return on your investment in the first year.

WARNING: This is not for everyone and we are only accepting 15 attendees maximum. 

We want this to be an intimate event. 

We want us all to have time to get to know each other, to learn from each other, and to go deep. We want this to be a powerful networking experience. We’d like to think that new, lifelong friendships will be born at this event. 

Since there are a limited number of seats… we want you to know who this event is NOT for: 

  • If you’re not passionate about speaking 

  • If you’re not passionate about a message 

  • If $4,995 will take food off your family’s table

  • If you’re already regularly booking $15,000 speaking engagements

  • If you’re lazy… (this will be a working weekend!) You must implement these pieces in your marketing… and we’ll give you the Playbook to show you how!

But this is definitely for YOU if:

  • You are making money as a speaker but you still have a full-time job and want to speak full time!

  • You want to make the jump to the Speaker Jet Stream!

  • You know you can handle a bigger stage if you just given the chance!

  • You know YOU are ready for the $15,000 speaking gigs but your marketing is not!

  • You want to work smart and do the 20% of things that get you 80% of your results… you want to slash 3-5 years off your climb into the Jet Stream!

Most importantly, you are passionate about your message…and are just aching to spread it to a wider audience.

Let’s get you what you need to make your climb to the top faster and easier so you can start booking those $15,000 gigs now. 

Next Level Speaker Pricing


Limited Spots Available

Next Level Speaker


Next Level Speaker VIP


Thinking of Coming but Need More of the Logistics?

WHERE: Des Moines, Iowa (Airport: DSM - Des Moines International)


Saturday, October 8: from 9 am to 5 pm - Business Building Sessions & Personalized Copy Finalization Workshop

Saturday night, October 8: from 6:30 to 8:30 PM - OPTIONAL Reception and Celebration

Sunday, October 9: from 8:30 to 10 am - OPTIONAL BONUS Session on Prayer and Guided Meditation 

Sunday, October 9: 10:30 to 4 pm - Small Stage Shoot & continued Business Building and Next Level Speaker Training

Monday, October 10: 9 am to 4 pm (Or when you need to fly out!) - BIG STAGE Photo Shoot and additional hot seats! 

HOTEL: When you register, we’ll send out 3 hotels with special pricing or you can stay with your favorite chain!

We hope you join us!

Would you like to talk with a team member to 
find out more and decide if it's a good fit for you?

Still have questions: 

Email us at [email protected] and we’ll get them answered!

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